The tool for

Residents' concerns and
Order management

Digital work preparation that maximizes efficiency in management, massively shortens processing times and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Intelligent messageswhich only allows complete requests.
  • Advanced order managementwhich guarantees the professional execution of orders with automated manual planning.
  • KInbox - Automated processing and categorization of incoming emails.
  • Digital work preparation, which maximizes efficiency in management, massively reduces processing time and lowers maintenance costs.


Intelligent messages for all resident concerns

The heart of is the intelligent message, structured and organized according to all relevant use cases such as damage, name tags, keys, document orders, invoice questions, applications, general inquiries and many more.

Thanks to these intelligent reports, you only receive complete and technically correct reports. In your day-to-day management business, it will be easier and quicker to respond to your residents, solve problems and reduce maintenance costs in the interests of your owners.

Outstanding order quality

The key to efficiency in commissioning is order quality: only complete and technically correct orders reduce maintenance costs, prevent queries and therefore unnecessary work. offers order management for all orders, which - whenever possible - is linked to your financial system. Accounts payable orders are created in the background with the order, thus preparing the billing as much as possible.

*** NEW ***

KInbox - the AI solution for your always full inbox

On average, a manager receives around 30 to 50 emails a day. Processing these emails often takes more than 2 hours per day. Every email that can be processed automatically saves between 5 and 15 minutes. That is the idea behind our KInbox - the AI Inbox.

Make faster progress -
thanks to work organization and integration

All apps used for work must interact with each other.

Integrated work organization makes work faster and more efficient, both for the management and for your residents and tradesmen.
Integration with other systems allows numerous tasks to be automated and synchronized.

For large and small real estate management companies

Whether you are a small or large company running a modernization program or a digital transformation initiative, is an incredibly effective tool for all property management operations, regardless of their size or number of employees.

# Properties in the smallest real estate management category

# Properties of the largest real estate management company

"We are delighted with the simplicity of imofix. This tool allows us to process tenant concerns more efficiently, transparently and, above all, in a more structured way.
Imofix covers the entire value chain and is therefore a win-win solution for all parties, including owners"

Stefan Greber
Managing director and owner
grebimmo Real Estate and Trust