Investment in more quality and better resident service

Go easy, go digital - cost-conscious and fair.

A fair pricing model is essential. The benefits demonstrably exceed the costs, balanced across all parties involved (real estate management, craftsmen, owners, residents, ...).

Real estate management

10 CHF per user / month

For the proper operation of the platform, data storage, ongoing updates and much more.


Via a small detour: NO

CHF 9.50 per order for "digital work preparation" directly to the tradesmen/contractors. The tradesman should then charge this amount on his invoice.


Viewed as a whole: NONE

Digital work preparation is not a price increase; on the contrary, it means that orders can be processed more cost-effectively overall. And significantly more than this amount. - Digital work preparation

Only with can you invest in digital work preparation and make requests more precise and orders more cost-effective.

What is "digital work preparation"?

With, you have access to a unique damage database with several thousand claims. All damage is visualized and has specific qualifications so that all reports are complete and technically correct.
Digital work preparation accompanies your tenants and enables even non-professionals to report damage in unparalleled quality, as if a tradesman had recorded the damage.

The high order quality shortens the repair time and avoids unnecessary second trips, which not only saves time but also costs.

Why does pay for itself?

Imagine you are a craftsman.
- Which job can you carry out faster and more cost-effectively?
A "vague and imprecise" or a "complete and technically correct" order?

A complete and technically correct order is cheaper to execute. Digital work preparation takes over some of the preparatory work of a tradesman and thus noticeably reduces repair and maintenance costs. Depending on the type of trade, CHF 9.50 corresponds to approx. 3-4 minutes of working time.
Every prevented order or every prevented second journey saves at least CHF 150.

How does digital work preparation work for small orders, service orders and orders for janitors?

Digital work preparation works for all orders and provides the same benefits.

However, one rule applies: If the tradesman does not write an invoice, will not write one either.
This means that all orders without direct cost consequences (warranty services, service contracts, janitor contracts) are also free of charge with

And one more thing: all small orders with an invoice amount of less than CHF 90 (e.g. name badges, key orders) are also free of charge at

Digital work preparation is not a platform or agency fee

Digital work preparation is not a portal fee, but an investment in the quality of notifications and orders.

This is a fundamental difference to the fees charged by other providers.