Intelligent message

For complete and technically correct reports

Tenants or condominium owners can report all their concerns easily, quickly and with unique quality. So much more than just ticket management.

Automated accompaniment accompanies every step of the report creation process and ensures that only complete and technically correct reports are submitted.
Thanks to the guidance, it is also possible for any layperson to create first-class reports.

Word and image

Every step is accompanied by words and pictures. Easy as pie, but super smart.

Digital craftsmen

Competence partners from the trade guarantee the highest level of technical expertise.

Everyday management

Developed from and built for real everyday farming.

Mother tongue

Whenever possible, accompaniment is automatically provided in the mother tongue.

Automatic translation

Everyone works in their own language translates automatically in real time.

Specialized for all concerns

Everyday management is confronted with a wide variety of issues. adapts individually to the needs and different message types. Regardless of whether it concerns damage reports, billing issues, Applications or other specific concerns. With, there is a digital touchpoint that optimizes the reporting process for all concerns, tailored to your needs whenever it makes sense.

Universal processing machine

The imofix engine is highly adaptable and can also map and qualify individual concerns of your day-to-day management.

For all concerns

Customized for all message types: Damage reports, invoice questions, applications, and many more.

Thousands of damage patterns

All damage is assigned to a damage pattern and individually qualified so that you only process technically correct damage patterns.

Individual touchpoint creates a central point of contact for all your residents' messages, customized to your needs, of course.


Of course, other digital tools or applications of your everyday life can also be integrated.

Continuous improvement

Although the intelligent message is unique on the market, it is constantly being developed further. The database is constantly being revised and the functionality expanded.


The intelligent message learns from today's messages for the next messages.


We regularly optimize and rethink. Every interaction is an inspiration.

New technologies

Whenever it makes sense, new technologies are incorporated so that the benefits continue to grow.

Efficient processing

One of imofix's main objectives is to increase efficiency in the processing of real estate management issues. By ensuring that the reports created are of the highest quality, they can be processed more quickly. This leads to faster processing times and greater customer satisfaction

Time saving saves you time, quickly 15 minutes or more per request.

As good as necessary

Functional thinking and being as good as you need to be, because you earn your money with what you don't do.