Invoice: Digital work preparation

Regular billing
for onward billing invoices you as the craftsman / order recipient for the "digital work preparation", which was carried out by in preparation for the creation of the order.

Each invoice lists all invoiced orders from all property management companies combined.
Invoicing takes place automatically around the 10th working day of the following month.

Rechnung Handwerker

Digital work preparation around orders to you


As soon as at least one property management company that uses the tool is also your customer, you are automatically available as an order recipient in our tool.


Damage occurs in a property or another maintenance measure becomes necessary.


Our tool helps to maximize order quality. Our tool uses thousands of visualized damage images with individual qualifications in 9 languages to formulate the damage and order.


You receive an order via our tool. The digital work preparation by is listed transparently in the order and the order email - the order is placed by the respective property management company.


You carry out the order and charge the "Digital work preparation" item of CHF 9.50 on your invoice whenever you issue an invoice for CHF 90 for your work.


For each order of the last month, we will charge you CHF 9.50 for digital work preparation as a collective invoice around the 8th of the following month.

Frequently asked questions about invoices

Why an invoice?

At least one property management company that is also your customer has decided to use
As a result, you have already received orders via

The invoice lists the administration, order data and other order details under the invoice total.

Transparent information about the digital work preparation by was included in every order.

Digital work preparation CHF 9.50 is a tool that is committed to high order quality. Damage reports go through specific processes for precise, correct data, supported by an extensive damage image database. The contractor will be invoiced CHF 9.50 for this work preparation, with the recommendation that it be charged on as a material item on the contractor's own repair invoice.

Digital work preparation for all orders

Of course yes. We try to maximize the quality of all orders and requests for quotations.

However, we will only charge you CHF 9.50 if you also send us an invoice for CHF 90.

This excludes offers, unfulfilled orders and orders with no cost implications or under CHF 90.


  • Unfulfilled orders must be rejected online
  • If no invoice is issued (or it is less than CHF 90), the appropriate selection must be made under "Invoicing" when the order is concluded.

Why charge the contractor?

There are many reasons in favor of this approach, such as

  • The work preparation belongs thematically on the repair invoice.
  • Minimization of the number of invoices, as no additional invoice to the property management is required if the contractor lists the CHF 9.50 on his invoice.
    For For you as the contractor, the number of invoices only increases by one collective invoice per month.
  • The contractor decides on execution or rejection, and whether an invoice for CHF 90 is issued and thus the digital work preparation is charged.
  • automatically creates vendor orders that prepare the posting of the repair invoice for property accounting.

Thank you for supporting this approach in the interests of our joint customers, the property management companies.

Why do I receive an invoice for orders that I have not carried out?

No invoices will be issued for orders that are not executed.
However, if you are asking yourself this question, then we have probably charged you for such an order.

If you receive an order, the property management company assumes that you will carry out this order unless you explicitly reject it.
Please therefore reject such orders by clicking on "Reject order".
In this case, incorrect billing does not occur in the first place.

Please understand that a cancellation by telephone or email alone is unfortunately not sufficient.

Wrong billing address, what to do?

Jvery real estate management company manages its trade partners in its system.
This data is transmitted to us on a regular basis and forms the basis for invoicing.

If your billing address is incorrect, please send us a short feedback  HERE.
Sorry for the mistake.